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By Stonestown Podiatry Group
April 12, 2022
Category: Foot Care
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Is foot care a priority for you? Visiting your San Francisco, CA, foot doctors, Dr. Richard Rolfes and Dr. Jasper Lee of Stonestown Podiatry Group, is a simple way to keep your feet healthy and reduce your risk of foot and ankle conditions.

4 advantages of seeing a podiatrist

Your foot is one of the most amazing parts of your body. Feet not only support your weight and make it possible to walk, run and jump easily but also serve as natural shock absorbers. Unfortunately, they're susceptible to injury and infections that may cause pain or affect mobility. Whether you already have a problem or want to prevent a foot or ankle issue, your foot doctors at the San Francisco, CA, podiatry office can provide helpful treatments.

You'll enjoy these four benefits when you see a podiatrist:

  • No More Pain: Have you been trying to ignore foot or ankle pain? Although injuries can often get better on their own, call your foot doctor if your pain is severe, lasts for more than a week if it's mild to moderate, or you can't put any weight on your foot. Common causes of pain include sprains, strains, fractures, arthritis, gout, plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenails, bunions, hammertoes, Achilles tendinitis and plantar warts. Depending on the cause of your pain, your podiatrist may recommend pain medication, braces, walking boots, crutches, physical therapy or other treatments.
  • Better Control of Chronic Conditions: Your foot doctor can also help you control the symptoms and/or progression of chronic conditions, like bunions, hammertoes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis and bone spurs.
  • Fewer Sports Injuries: If you spend too much time on the sidelines due to foot or ankle conditions, a foot imbalance or gait problem may be at least partly responsible for your problems. Your foot doctor will examine your feet, evaluate your gait and make footwear recommendations. He may also suggest orthotics, prescription shoe inserts that cushion and support your foot and keep it properly aligned.
  • Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes-Related Complications: Seeing a foot doctor is particularly important if you have diabetes. High blood sugar levels can cause numbness in the feet and affect healing. Your podiatrist treats diabetic ulcers and other foot issues and offers treatments that can help you avoid serious health complications.

Protect your feet with a visit to your foot doctor in San Francisco, CA! Call Dr. Rolfes and Dr. Lee of Stonestown Podiatry Group at (415) 731-6700 to schedule your appointment.

By Stonestown Podiatry Group
August 25, 2020
Category: Foot Conditions
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If you had an automotive problem, would you see a plumber? So, if you have a problem with your feet and ankles--or wish to prevent one--see a podiatrist. Experts in the structure, function, and health of your lower extremities, the team at Stonestown Podiatry Group in San Francisco, CA, help people stay mobile and feeling good. Learn more about why you should see Dr. Daniel Alberts, Dr. Richard Rolfes, or Dr. Jasper Lee.

Why see a podiatrist?

Frankly, they're an expert in foot and ankle care. Over time, your lower extremities can develop problems you may never have anticipated. Or, an existing condition may become more difficult to manage.

Accordingly, you should visit your podiatrist in his San Francisco, CA, office. He will examine your feet, take X-rays, do a gait analysis as needed, and recommend treatments to ensure your feet look, feel, and function well.

Ten signs it's time to see your podiatrist

Need more detailed information? Read these guidelines about visiting your podiatrist at his San Francisco CA office:

1. You are diabetic. Minimally, see your podiatrist once a year--more if you have active disease processes or deformities. Diabetics are at risk for amputation as their condition impairs nerve sensation, healing, immunity, and circulation. Your foot doctor can prevent problems from spiraling out of control.

2. Your feet hurt even after you rest them. If you're in pain for more than a day, come see us.

3. You have begun a new sport or exercise routine. Runners, take note. Getting in shape is great but puts you at risk for sprains, fractures, and inflammatory conditions such as painful plantar fasciitis.

4. You have thick corns or calluses. These skin overgrowths impact your mobility, but never attempt surgery at home. Your podiatrist will remove them safely, avoiding infection.

5. Your feet have changed color. They have an overall dusky look or have areas that are red, purple, or white. This may indicate impaired circulation. Slowly healing sores need prompt attention, too.

6. You have an ingrown toenail. This hurts and rarely improves by itself. See your podiatrist for partial nail removal and for ways to trim your nails properly.

7. Your feet look deformed. Arthritis, benign neuromas, and bunions change the appearance of your feet but are corrected or limited with prompt podiatric management.

8. You walk funny. Maybe you roll one foot inward or have other gait issues. You may need shoe orthotics (customized inserts) to correct the problem.

9. You cannot conquer your athlete's foot. Stronger medication and some information on prevention will help.

10. You work on your feet a lot. Your podiatrist can recommend ways to take the stress off your feet and ankles.

Contact us

At Stonestown Podiatry Group, we can recommend the best management and treatment strategies so your feet stay healthy. For an in-office consultation, contact your podiatrists, Dr. Richard Rolfes, Dr. Daniel Alberts, or Dr. Jasper Lee, in San Francisco CA at (415) 731-6700.